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An AI-enhanced novel

"Life is a game. A game that can be won."


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Chapter01_Normal (enhanced)Let the Earth open
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The first in a planned trilogy, "Let the Earth open" is a fast-paced speculative thriller, In which Allison Evans, an AI researcher and entrepreneur from Medford, Massachusetts, creates a revolutionary and powerful new AI.

A groundbreaking technology so advanced that it just might be humankind's last invention ever.

Told from multiple points of view, the book deals with a world in transition. It's a time when we, as humans, are tossed into a maelstrom so deep that we quickly find ourselves lost in unfamiliar chaos. One that confronts us with a darkness that arises both from what is outside of us, as well as the one that is within.

Is it a moment of defiance? Of salvation? Is there a way for us to even know?

"Let the Earth open" is at once extremely bleak and wholly cathartic, with contemplative moments of both the beauty and the darkness of our existence. Excerpts from this book were written using the GPT-3 machine learning algorithm, an actual AI-based language model that can produce human-like text.

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Ray D. Roswell, NM

“I need to know what happens next!”

Richard G. Sherman, TX

“A great piece of literature”

Elizabeth K. New Haven, CT

“Outstanding book!”

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"LET THE EARTH OPEN" - The Artbook, containing 100 AI-generated images and quotes showing scenes from the novel as a faux Netflix mini-series.
Download the free PDF here!

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