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Raanan Shved

Art, Pixel art, Design, After effects

Experienced creative designer and manager with 20+ years of experience in the high-tech and broadcast worlds with extensive experience working with developers, overseas clients and media productions, with in-depth knowledge of the broadcast and video world, and with extensive design and animation capabilities both as a motion designer and art/creative director



Career History

Check out my professional history to learn more about my experience and career milestones.
2012 - 2022

Head of Graphics

As part of my work at, which builds solutions for producing and editing video online, I was responsible for setting up the company's graphics infrastructure from day one as the company's main product was developed from the ground up, and growing from being the sole designer in the company’s early days, To managing a department of 5 designers, programmers and animators, responsible for providing all graphics solutions for the company's departments and hundreds of customers.

 The department's responsibilities included the creation of video graphics packages for large media outlets around the world, building graphic elements for customers' video needs, building complex dynamic graphic templates that support thousands of videos a day using automated systems, support for all graphics needs of the company's products while improving working methods, upgrading and improving the pipeline between customer requirements, the product department, the developers and marketing department, as well as art direction, guidance and ongoing management of designers' work on a daily basis.

 Additionally, I helped develop the company's products and working methods, and worked closely with the development dept. and with product managers on improving, modifying and adding features to the company's products that would serve all of the company's customers in its video editing products. I have also trained employees in the company's offices around the world, on mediating between the graphics department and customers in order to improve customer service, and to study their needs firsthand.

As part of my job, I worked with many of the largest broadcast and communication companies around the world, such as NBC, USA Today, SKY News, E! News, Warner music, NY Post, and many others, and also large tech companies such as Houzz and Taboola to name a few, in building video graphics packages tailored to their needs

Channel 10 news
2008 - 2012

Head of Graphics

Managing the graphics department of the Channel 10 news company included providing all the graphics services needed for the news company and all its various productions, both on a daily basis and for special productions, special broadcasts, documentaries and series. The role included supervising and managing the channel's crew of designers and animators, building and maintaining an efficient production pipeline for graphic assets, and serving the needs of the editors and producers of the channel for any graphic requirement around the clock.

ORAD Hi Tech Systems
2001 - 2006

Head Designer

Head designer at a company manufacturing real-time graphics hardware and software products for the broadcast market. The position included design for the company's internal needs, demos of its products, training new customers and assistance in the productions of the company's customers on TV stations around the world, as well as assisting in specifying the requirements and design of the company's products

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Motion Graphics Gallery

Channel 10 news showreel , Plus mostly Graphics packages created for clients worldwide and for internal use

Customer Video Gallery

Videos created by Wochit customers using the company's video editor, with graphics packages created by Wochit's graphics department