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The revolution sparked by move 37

Duration: 50-60 min.

Are machines finally coming to take our jobs? Are we at the threshold of a revolution? What could A.I. even do? And what the hell does it have to do with monkeys playing hockey?
In this thought-provoking lecture, we will hear about the future of creativity and its connection with the technological world. The lecture is suitable for any company or organization interested in understanding the place that A.I. will have in a world that's changing before our eyes.

Oren Shved is the author of the SciFi thriller - "LET THE EARTH OPEN." A Creative Director, Game Designer, Gamification expert, and game Writer. Co-founder of INGENI, a startup that created a game for employee and candidate assessment, and founder, teacher, and former manager of the Game Design program at the Open University of Israel.

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